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  • Personal injuries litigation, plaintiff sustained multiple injuries including acquired brain injury, accident occurred in Japan, young Plaintiff now resides in Australia, total loss of earning capacity, negotiation of significant damages.
  • Personal injuries litigation, young Plaintiff with complete paraplegia, pillion passenger on motor bike, liability not admitted, determination of liability and quantum of damages;
  • Personal injuries litigation, young woman pillion passenger on motor bike involved in accident on state highway, acquired brain injury and moderate post traumatic stress disorder, quantum of damages.
  • Personal injuries litigation, Plaintiff involved in motor vehicle accident in Western Australia, vehicle registered in Tasmania, multiple injuries including profound brain injury, determination of liability and quantum of damages;
  • Product liability and personal injuries involving National Corporation, Plaintiff sustained significant back injury negotiation of substantial damages for Plaintiff.
  • Federal Court commercial litigation involving Trade Practices Act breaches, misleading and deceptive conduct, negligent misstatement by vendor and valuers, substantial financial loss to investors involved in joint venture.
  • Planning Law, successful opposition to proposed tourist development, consideration of planning scheme and discretionary uses, traffic and safety issues.
  • Planning Law, successful opposition to restrictive conditions to permit imposed by Council, potential significant loss to investors involved in property syndicate.
  • Planning Law, successful opposition to summons seeking temporary closure of a commercial activity, the standing of the Applicant to issue summons and jurisdiction of tribunal all relevant considerations.
  • Planning Law, development application and state coastal policy, refusal by Council to grant development application, development proposed on a mobile sand dune, whether dune mobile and whether proposed use prohibited under Planning Scheme, difference of opinion between geomorphologists all relevant consideration.
  • Corporations Law involving allegations of oppressive, discriminatory and unfairly prejudicial conduct of directors towards minority shareholders, valuation of business and goodwill in determining value of shares.
  • Building dispute involving allegations of design deficiencies and negligent construction of structure causing damage to Plaintiff at tourist site.
  • Estate litigation, family provision and construction of will in a 4 million dollar estate, determination of class of persons entitled to benefit under grandchildren clause, orders made for DNA testing to determine whether certain children qualified.
  • Estate litigation, family provision involving farming property and life estate left to widow, adequacy of the life estate challenged. Read a recent judgement.
  • Estate litigation involving the construction of a will, powers and duties of trustees and beneficiaries rights to information regarding trust property and potential sale of inner city commercial premises.